5 Best GF desserts in Columbus

I got asked today for some of my favorite treats in Columbus as we enter the 4th of July Weekend!! Here are my Top 5 All Time Faves!

1. Jenis Ice Cream

This place always has a multitude of flavors and options that are GF. Almond Brown Butter Brittle and Chocolate Peanut Butter Fleck are tried and true.

2. The Barn at Rocky Fork Creek Peanut Butter Pie


3. Bake me Happy – Everything they have us divine.

4. Pistacia Vera Macarons – they change them seasonally !!! The oatmeal in the fall are my absolute !!!

5. Cherbourg Bakery- the entire Bakery is GF and Nut Free. The items at this little shop pack a big lunch of flavor. The s’mores brownie is a great starting place !!

Gluten Free Finds at CVS

I have gotten such a great response about the snack items for people who are looking for GF options that I have decided to make it a weekly thing!!!! This week I found some items that made me so incredibly happy! Nutritious, delicious low sugar/Carb and they were GF!!!!!! Now run to your local CVS and enjoy!

1. Kind Breakfast Bars

2. Gold Emblem Ranch Veggie straws.

3. Kind Chewy Snack bars

4. Gold Emblem Salt and Pepper Popcorn

These are all new yummy finds, tune in next week for my next GF Gluttony find!

Be your own Advocate!

Why you should always ask for a second opinion!

Recently, my family and friends have been hit really hard with Cancer. It’s been so frequent that several members have become friends over it and helped each other get through the complex healthcare system that we currently live. As someone who works in healthcare everyday, I see the frustration for all sides when it comes to getting the right treatments and the right coverage for a patient and their family.

I have noticed one major issue that people don’t talk about. The fear of getting a second opinion.

Not all healthcare providers, Institutions, pharmacies and doctors are created equal. Education, experiences, financial backing can all determine how a doctor will treat you when they come into an office, and that doesn’t include- bed side manner, how aggressively they treat or don’t and if their staff is well versed in what you are going through. All of these things can either make a horrible situation better or far worse. So that’s why I am always confused when I can tell someone does not like who they were referred to but are afraid of insulting their family practice doctor, the current doctor or just being labeled as someone who is difficult. I am here to ask you to stop falling into that trap and seek a second opinion.

You would get multiple quotes on pretty much anything you buy right? A car, insurance, house Etc etc would be bought based on quality, price and you definitely wouldn’t buy from someone who didn’t make you feel secure in your purchase. So why do we just “buy” what the first doctor is telling us?

I suggest the following to anyone who is going through what my family and friends are going through:

1. Do your research on physicians before you go to the appointment and have questions written down.

2. Take someone with you if you can. I know with covid things have changed, but you can also have someone conference in and listen if you can’t have another person with you.

3. Ask friends and family if anyone has gone through the illness/disease/cancer and if they could recommend someone they really liked.

4. If you don’t like your doctor, they won’t give you the mental energy to get through this as easy as it could be. Find an awesome doctor who has a personality, and a way of communicating that makes you feel better about your situation.

5. Research your disease, join a support group and don’t be afraid to ask for help. If possible visit a therapist! These visits are always good during a life changing time.

6. Be your own advocate. Stand up for what doesn’t sound right, ask questions and make calls back to the office if you don’t feel clear on the answers you have been given.

These are just my experiences and things that I see day in and day out. I know that watching my mom get a doctor that she felt was an advocate, who listened to her, was a huge relief and a big part of her attitude towards beating cancer.

Have a great week and remember – Dont feel bad about asking for a second opinion!

Great Gluten Free Gas Station and fast pick up Finds!!!

Have you ever found yourself without the snacks you need on a trip or just even out for the day at work??? It happens when I forget my lunch bag😥 and today was no exception! So a couple of my Go To items when I am on the road are:

1. Fitcrunch Bars – most Gas stations carry this amazing bar and I highly recommend you keep them at home too. Today’s flavor: birthday cake!

2. Protein Boxes from Whole Foods They have a lot of options that include eggs, cheese, fruit and nuts. Lots of variety!!!

3. Starbucks: mozzarella cheese sticks!!! Yum! And only 80 calories !!!

4. Volpi Meat and Cheese Roll Ups. These are available at Sunoco. They have lots of GF options!

5. Lays Potato Chips. No this is not my low calorie find but in a pinch it’s GF and tasty. And sometimes you just need that and a Hersey Bar with almonds. – you know I am telling the truth.

Be wary of Slim Jim’s, room temperature cheese products and all chips. Some are GF and some are not and you need to make sure you actually see GF on the package.

Hope this helps the next time you find yourself without a snack and on the road!!!

Gluten Free Snacks

Favorite Gluten Free Snacks!!!

Everyone has been requesting that I post some of the Gluten Free Options that I use to help me stay on pace to get to my goal weight. It’s definitely been a process, but there are a lot of great foods out there that can help you loose weight, feel great and still have energy!

Here are some of my must haves:

1. Veggie Chips!!!! I always have the Costco small bags at home. They are delicious, filling and low in calories and carbs. Whole Foods 365 brand is also a great choice I just love the small bags from Costco!

2. Atkins White Chocolate Macadamia Bars You can pretty much get these everywhere. They are what I use when I need something sweet and I am really watching my carbs.

3. Fitcrunch- Robert Irvine’s version of a protein bar puts all others to shame. The chocolate peanut butter makes you think you are having a great candy bar. I eat this whether I am trying to lose weight or not, and they also help with that need for chocolate and peanut butter.

4. Hard boiled eggs precooked in bags of two for easy meal prep from Costco. These are easy, healthy and quick.

5. Goodie Girl Cinnamon Breakfast Biscuits. These remind you of a glorious graham cracker with the added bonus of cinnamon. These are great to make s’mores, or on their own.

6. Jiff Peanut Butter to go with celery. The pre packaged cups gives me the portion control I sometimes lack with peanut butter. It’s also something easy to keep in your purse and have for a good protein filled snack.

7. Honey Nut Chex- I love this alone, but if you add peanuts or almonds you get a lot more bang for your buck. It gives that added protein and I love the boost it gives me before an afternoon workout.

8. Applegate prepackaged cheese and meat packages at Whole Foods. Low calorie, full of flavor and most importantly GF. Whole Foods is great for having items that meet the needs of the GF shopper

These have been my consistent snacks as I have made my journey to being my goal weight. I have watched ten dress sizes drop, but most importantly my health has improved and I feel so much better keeping gluten out of my life.

Currently a size 00. Size 14 a year and half ago. It can be done!

Gluten Free Gluttony in Columbus and through the Mail…. Desserts and Treats edition!!!

I get a lot of requests of where to get sweet treats for someone is gluten free. I will be honest a lot of gluten free items lack flavor, are very dry or have a lot of ingredients that are very chemical in taste and ingredient list.

For those of you in Columbus, I wanted to do a Top 10 must visit for gluten free desserts and treats and also a top 10 mail order/ grocery store list !!!! Hope this helps all of you that are looking for a great gluten free alternative!

Top 10 Columbus

1. Cherbourg bakery- Bexley This bakery has donuts, Pastries, breads, and sweet treats that are all gluten and nut free. The entire bakery is for people just like us who have an allergy to gluten. You will not be sorry!

2. Bake Me Happy- this will also show up on the mail order list because you can have their items shipped anywhere! The Oatmeal Cream Pies, and other hostess “mimics” will bring you back to childhood and taste way better than any of the originals. They have a store in the German Village area and a stand at OSU football games!

3. Jenis Ice Cream- they have the most delicious ice cream on the planet and use healthy, amazing ingredients and have a majority of their flavors listed as Gluten Free. You will want to try every single one, but the Peanut butter and Chocolate Fleck will change your life.

4. Pistacia Vera – multiple items that are gluten free, but stop by the North Market and get the most delicious macrons of your life. The Oatmeal ones in the fall are a must have!

5. The Barn at Rocky Fork Creek – the peanut butter pie. Try it. Love it. Thank me later.

6. C. Krueger’s- owned by the Former Cheryl’s Cookie founder, this store has fabulous gluten free options as well as delicious cookies for your friends and family. Great gift stop for everyone!

7. Sow Plated – the chocolate cake is gluten free and amazing! They are a great go to restaurant for the gluten free family for sure!

8. Starbucks- seriously. The chocolate dream bar is only 250 calories and gluten free. Worth every bite and they are huge!!!!

9. Patty cake Bakery- this is definitely the spot for someone to get the most amazing birthday cake! Their entire bakery is filled with wonderful gluten free and vegan options, but if you need a celebration cake, this is your go to!

10. The Dipped Donut- they are only this far on the list because you can only get the gluten free donuts once a month and you have to preorder. But if you were a big fan of choose your top cake donuts, it’s worth the drive and the wait.

Mail order Gluten Free Sweets:

1. Ally’s Baked Goods, Delaware Ohio

2. Wicked Good Cupcakes Massachusetts

3. Bake me Happy

4. Cheryl’s Cookies

5. C. Krueger’s

6. Goodie Girl Cookies

7. Nothing Bundt Cake

8. Edible Arrangements

9. Insomnia Cookies

10. Whole Foods nationwide

If you have any questions about all of my favorite gluten free goodies, feel free to reach out to me at any time. I know the struggle of eating bad gluten free items can be daunting so my goal is to take the guess work out of it !!!

Have a fabulous weekend,


The dipped donut