2020 Plan

Mrs Franklin County

Appearance and Plan of Action Schedule

One of the most important parts of being Mrs Ohio America is making sure you are spending time not only with your charities and events, but getting out to new areas of the state to help develop knowledge around this amazing program. With the presence of COVID-19, it is also important to have a plan for virtual events. Here is what my first 90 days would look like as Mrs Ohio America if selected:


12th Photoshoot and Henris Day

13th FB live – Gratitude / JLC Board meeting

14th – American Lung Association meeting with Chair

15th – Junior League Meeting

16th Junior Leadership Board meeting ALA

17th Social Media Q and A

18th Social Media Sponsors / JLC backpack event

19th Brunch at Polaris/ Henris

20th ALA meeting

21st Drop off at Humane society

22nd Social Media CARE

23rd Social Media Sign ups for next year Q and A

24th Ohio Facial Plastics Visit

25th Social Media- Mrs Ohio Facts

26th Social Media – Sponsor Spotlight

27th Social Media – Facebook Live

28th Henris

29th Women of Inspiration Event

30th Detroit Lung Force kick off


1 Komen Virtual Race for the Cure

2 Facebook – Breast Cancer QandA

3 mid Ohio food bank

4 Lung Cancer Advocacy

5 Restart Reynoldsburg

6 Dine Drink Dress Fashion Event

7 Care- Facebook Live Insurance mishaps with chronic disease

8 RAINN Fundraiser start

9 Every Child Counts Meeting

10 Social Media – Sponsors

11 Better Breathers

12 ALA meeting

13 Social Media- possible contestant questions

14 Diverse Styles Meeting

15 Miss Dance Of Ohio

16 GirlPower Event

17 Advocacy Day-ALA

18 Social Media- CARE American Heart Association

19 Gallery Hop

20Social Media- Intro of Victoria’s Voice

21 JR Board Meeting ALA

22 Ohio Facial Plastics

23 Sponsor visit

24 Better Breathers

25 Henris

26 Junior League

27 Social Media- sponsor highlight

28 Mid Ohio volunteer

29 Social media FB live

30 Henris

31 Social media IG live


1 Komen Virtual Summit for BreastCancer

2 Breast Cancer risk factors Q and A

3 Social Media- FB live CARE- human trafficking

4 Captivating

5 Captivating

6 Captivating

7 Franklin County humane drop off

8 Mid Ohio food bank

9 Jr League

10 Social Media- Sponsor highlight

11 Junior Board Meeting ALA

12 Advocacy Day

13 Henris

14 ALA meeting

15 Jr league

16 Junior Board ALA

17 Social Media – Sponsor Highlight

18 Better Breathers

19 Restart Columbus Follow up

20 Social Media- Yoga

21 Social Media -Self Care

22 Henris

23 Ohio Facial plastics

24 Timeless Training

25 Social Media Sponsors

26 Social media Contestant Q and A

27 ALA meeting

28 Better Breathers

29 Henris

30 Mid Ohio Food Bank

31 Social Media- CARE

October August

1 Social Media -Sponsors

2 Social media – Preparing for Nationals

3 2020 Gluten Free Marketplace

4 ALA advocacy

5 Girl Power meeting

6 Mid OhioFood Bank

7 Social Media- Human Trafficking

8 Every Child Counts

9 JR Board Meeting

10 ALA meeting

11 Record ALA radio spots

12 My Birthday

13 Henris

14 Mid Ohio Food Bank

15 Ronald Mc Donald House


17 Social media- Sponsor highlight

18 Social Media- How to sign up to be a contestant

19 Social Media – Domestic Violence CARE

20 Ohio Facial Plastics

21 Henris

22 Social Media- Wardrobe

23 Social Media – How to find your passion CARE

24 Cleveland ALA Run/Walk

25 Better Breathers

26 TBD ****possible Mrs America Dates

27 TBD


29 TBD

30 TBD


***possible Mrs America dates

One response to “2020 Plan”

  1. Elise Elliott Avatar
    Elise Elliott

    Hello Rian Valentine! I was at the Henris Cloud Nine red carpet prom event. I was one of the winners of your $500 pageant prep certificates and was very interesting in becoming Ohio’s next Miss Ohio Teen! Let me know if you’re interested in being my coach. Hopefully I talk to you soon.


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