CARE- Self Care

But I don’t have anytime…….

How many times have you, the busy woman said these words. You don’t have the ability to say no and you are spending every minute, of every day, focused on your to do list. It’s time to put you on your to do list.

When you read most books and articles about stress, you will see a theme of women being more likely than men to be stressed and overworked. We love to be there for other people, we love community service, and we love our families. It makes sense. But in all of this, we have to make sure we love ourselves. So here are a few ideas for self care that everyone should think about adding to their daily to-dos!

1. Yoga and Meditation- I never knew a yoga class would change my life. When my dad died, I began to suffer anxiety and panic attacks. I had always been proud to be strong and in control, and now that was being ripped from me. Yoga gave me peace and helped me refocus not only my body, but my mind.

2. Eat the gummy bear, chocolate whatever it is. But make it a treat. And really enjoy it. I found that my nine gummy bears made me smile, but didn’t affect my goals of getting healthy. I didn’t eat them while doing something else, I made those 15 minutes about rest and energy restoration.

3. Call your mom, your dad, your sister or your friend. Basically call the person you can talk and laugh about nothing and anything. Make it about enjoying each other’s time and not figuring out the worlds problems and you will have serious stress relief.

4. Read a book, take a class, ride a bike, take a walk …… do something that makes you forget about the world around you and makes you live in the moment. I love to read. I have three books going at almost anytime. Everyone deserves a little escape time!

5. Workout or not! If it clears your head then schedule it for everyday. If it doesn’t clear your head add it to your to do list. Working out is different for everyone, but is something I truly believe in now.

6. Do something you have always wanted to do. Flower arranging, ballroom dancing, learning a language. Give yourself the gift of adding something new and amazing to your life. Many people say that it’s a waste of money, or time. But experiences are what give us happiness, not possessions- so take the leap!

My goal is for all of us to make sure that at the end of the day we can all say that we did something to make our own lives better, as well as those around us. Because in the end, if your cup is empty, how are you going to fill anyone else’s?

Cooking is my go to destress time!!!

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