Great Gluten Free Gas Station and fast pick up Finds!!!

Have you ever found yourself without the snacks you need on a trip or just even out for the day at work??? It happens when I forget my lunch bag😥 and today was no exception! So a couple of my Go To items when I am on the road are:

1. Fitcrunch Bars – most Gas stations carry this amazing bar and I highly recommend you keep them at home too. Today’s flavor: birthday cake!

2. Protein Boxes from Whole Foods They have a lot of options that include eggs, cheese, fruit and nuts. Lots of variety!!!

3. Starbucks: mozzarella cheese sticks!!! Yum! And only 80 calories !!!

4. Volpi Meat and Cheese Roll Ups. These are available at Sunoco. They have lots of GF options!

5. Lays Potato Chips. No this is not my low calorie find but in a pinch it’s GF and tasty. And sometimes you just need that and a Hersey Bar with almonds. – you know I am telling the truth.

Be wary of Slim Jim’s, room temperature cheese products and all chips. Some are GF and some are not and you need to make sure you actually see GF on the package.

Hope this helps the next time you find yourself without a snack and on the road!!!

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